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Welcome to!

Because my collection has grown, I felt it deserved a brand new site of its own.

I've been a Star Wars fan since first seeing "A New Hope" on the big screen back in 1978. Over the years I''ve collected memorabilia, worked on various Star Wars websites and conventions and was a long-standing fan club member.

In 2004, membership in the Star Wars Official Fan Club included an authentic one-of-a-kind animation cel from the 1985/86 cartoon series "Ewoks" produced by Lucasfilm and Nelvana. These cels had been sitting storage for nearly 20 years; original artwork and true pieces of Star Wars history collecting dust and some subject to water damage.

I was extremely lucky to have been sent a great cel of a "Lantern Bird" from the 1985 episode "To Save Deej". That first animation cel ignited a passion to build a collection to preserve this nearly-extinct form of art.


Hooray! I can't believe it... Eric Peterson, a Canadian actor who was the voice of Teebo in Season One, is one of my favorite actors. I have always wanted to get his autograph on a picture of Teebo; well, recently I was lucky enough to get in contact with him and he signed this cel for me. It truely is a wonderful addition to my collection!

To read more about Eric, see his IMDB page HERE.

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