A bit of background...

Why do I collect these?

I've been a Star Wars fan since I saw "A New Hope" on the big screen back in 1978. Since that time, I've amassed a fairly large Star Wars collection consisting of toys, books, autographs and even an R2-D2 cookie jar (one of my most favorite items!). I was also on staff at Rebelscum.com, and because of this, I was at the first three Star Wars conventions, working with actors, authors, fans and artists of the Star Wars universe. If you want to see more of my Star Wars hobby, check out my old Star Wars fansite, The Tantive IV.

I was also, of course, a member of the Offical Star Wars Fan Club. In 2004, the Fan Club membership kit included an authentic one-of-a-kind animation cel from the 1985/86 cartoon series "Ewoks" produced by Lucasfilm and Nelvana. Each cel measures 12.5" across by 10.5" tall and contained a single element of animation which typically included two parts; a paper drawing and the painted mylar cel (short for "celluloid"). These cels had been sitting storage for nearly 20 years; original artwork and true pieces of Star Wars history collecting dust and some subject to water damage. Quite a few stuck to their corresponding paper drawings after decades of immense weight pressing down on them.

Because of the manner of animation before computers, some cels are great; complete drawings of characters, while others were simply a swish of colour or a dot. I was extremely lucky to have been sent a wonderful cel of a "Lantern Bird" from the 1985 episode "To Save Deej". Because I love to draw, paint and sculpt, that first animation cel ignited a passion to build a collection to preserve this nearly-extinct form of art.

I have collected hundreds of cels from the original Ewok Cartoon since 2004. Some are of complete characters, some of scenes and some just of eyes, mouths or other body parts invariably required for animation to work. Some are sequential images I am animating myself for the Sequential Cels page.

Yes, I have hundreds of cels, but I'll just showcase the best of my collection; unless the smaller drawings are easily recognizable and I have found them onscreen.

You can view my collection to date on the Cels By Character page.

Or you may prefer to see which cels I have matched up with screen shots by going to the Cels By Episode page. Obviously this is a long process and I am still completing this section.

Whichever route you take, be sure to click on the thumbnail images to view them at higher resolutions.

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