Cels animated by me!

Sometimes I have acquired a whole series of cels (usually just to get a certain character), so years ago I wanted to see what would happen if I created my own animation from them.

My first attempt was done way back in 2005. I was given eleven cels all in a sequence - individually they didn't look like much... a few beige swipes and tiny black dots. Click here to see what happened when I scanned each one and built an animated gif out of them. If you watch the episode entitled "The Land Of The Gupins", the Grass Trekkers scene has some surprisingly similar dust storms!

Here are my newest animations. Simply click on the thumbnails to view the ones below Willy.

One of my longest clips -- 65 cels of Willy dusting and sneezing at the discovery of the old tablet in "Wicket's Wagon":


# Cels
Young Logray from "The Haunted Village". Some of my most prized cels as this is the sequence that explains how the SunStar ShadowStone split. I also have a few Morag cels from this sequence, which I shall animate separately in the future.
The Stranger gets the Sunstar and uses it against the Ewoks! In a scene from "Night Of The Stranger", this character is also seen in the opening credits of the Second season.
Grymlor from "Night Of The Stranger" eats a loka-spore Teebo throws at it and turns into a giant flying loka-spore creature!
Teebo throws Master Logray's wand at another Stranger and it turns into a rock! But even rocks with wings don't fly well and this one struggles to keep aloft! I kept the background grey on this one to see the wing animations clearer.
Here's Wicket after climbing to safety from the Blog Whale in "A Warrior And A Lurdo". I animated his "raspberry" three times at the end for the best effect.
Here's Teebo from that same episode, in a very short sequence.
"We'll take care of that!" Mooth says, then whistles for his assistants to help unload the Ewok wagon in "Curse Of The Jindas".
"Greetings Ewoks!" a Jinda exclaimins after coming to a screeching halt at the beginning of "The Curse Of The Jindas". A short clip.
Jadru the Enchantress screams "Rowrrrrr!!!!!! I'll get them!" after Wicket and Kneesaa trap her in her own maze in "Baga's Rival".
Two Totem Slaves get to work plundering the Ewok Village. The clip is short, but it is the first one I created with more than one cel at a time. Each character is it's own cel; therefore I stacked them in pairs before scanning... it's cool to see the end result of each character moving on it's own path!
Teebo and Latara hitch a ride with Wicket and Kneesaa after the Hoosha destroys their glider in "The Raich".
Larry attempts to low-ball Wicket and Teeebo with a sob story in "Hard Sell"... and it works. On Teebo at least.
The poor Titterbug Queen gets thrown into the pit after not passing the grade with Queen Slugga.
Masher and Thrasher offer Wicket a trophy for his Belt of Honour -- not quite what he was hoping for, though. This animation is short, but is a combination of two cels in each frame.
Zarrack from "The First Apprentice" taking off on his Ewok glider.
From "Princess Latara"; the Ray Monster gets hit on the head with Teebo's potion bottle; but it only makes him madder... and bigger!
A Zakool chases Latara and Teebo from "The Raich".
Bondo announcing the arrival of... The Travelling Jindas!, in, what else, but "The Travelling Jindas" !