Cel Sets

Cels AND their backgrounds!

Here's the scene from the beginning of "The Haunted Village" when Kneesaa and Wicket go sunberry hunting.

This set includes the original hand-painted original and matching background on thick porous paper, a middle cel of Princess Kneesaa, and a top layer of the shute and one support. Unfortunately, one layer is missing; the back of the shute and the rest of the support. Maybe one day I will come across it!


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This cel set is also from "The Haunted Village" ... a scene that shows both Wicket and Kneesaa without their cloaks! Wicket is about to jump into the pond for a dip.

This set includes the thick hand-painted original and matching background, the Wicket cel layer, and a third layer with the foreground plants painted on both the front and back.

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