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Non-cel Ewok Cartoon items you might want to see

Original drawings: Here is the first of a whole series of drawings WITHOUT CELS that I have. More to come in their own dedicated section soon (click to biggify):
Here are two sheets that were taped together with yellow, fragile scotch tape, only a few sections of which still remained and easily fell off the paper. So I scanned the pages and cleaned up the yellow residue a bit. A great resource of character and creature names! It's the first time I've seen the Jinda beast of burden identified as an "Awor"!
Nelvana supplies: as always, click on the thumbnails for larger pics
I have 15 folders, from both the first and second seasons
Most include these animation sheets
Serigraph Cels:  

You may see this type of cel from time to time, depicting various Ewoks characters and backgrounds. Please note they are NOT production cels. They are reproductions manufactured in limited numbers "to re-create the look and feel of the original art". If you turn them over, you will notice they are not hand painted on the underside. This cel, for example, is a mixture of three items: Malanie is from a scene in "A Gift For Shodu". Neither Wicket nor the background paired with this cel were in that scene. To the right you will see the certificate that was issued by Lucasfilm explaining this item. (click to view full size).

Here is a comparison of the reverse of the sericel (L) and a true production cel (R) (click to zoom):



Here is the insert that accompanied true Nelvana cels that were issued by the Star Wars Insider (Bantha Tracks) Official Fan Club in 2004.

(click to read)

Here are a few Ewoks cartoon collectibles I have pulled from my larger Star Wars collection. (If you want to see more of that, visit me at my Tantive 4 site HERE).

Carded vintage Kenner figures: I have all four Canadian cardbacks (Gorneesh, Urgah, Scout and Umwak) and the two US-only carded figures (Wicket and Logray) for the complete set.

Canadian carded Gorneesh

Canadian carded
Lady Urgah Gorneesh
Canadian carded Dulok Scout
(I bought a separate Dulok Scout coin
since they usually were packaged
with Lady Urgah coins)

Canadian carded
Umwak Shaman
US carded Logray
(not available on Canadian cards)
US carded Wicket
(not available on Canadian cards)

Loose Ewoks animated figures

Full set of Comics Spain PVC figurines
Full set of loose Kenner Ewoks figures
Euro Disney Wicket PVC
(different colour scheme and a tad smaller
than the Comics Spain version)
Galactic Heroes Wicket

1990 Vol. 1 VHS
"The Tree Of Light" AND
"The Cries Of The Trees"
1990 Vol. 1 VHS
"The Tree Of Light"

1996 The Haunted Village VHS


2004 Double Feature DVD








Board game


And lastly, some of my own Ewok creations: Easter eggs! (painted in 2005 and 2006)


Custom figure:
My Baga custom, hand-sculpted from Sculpy (posed here with my Comics Spain Wicket PVC):