The Tree Of Light

Original airdate: October 12, 1985

Very cool that they used these storm clouds for the opening credits to this episode!
Wicket catches up with the elder Ewoks on their quest
No one listens to Wicket, even though his lantern is showing the way
Umwak can tell by the nasty weather that the Tree Of Light is weakening... the perfect time to destroy it!
Kneesaa and Latara head out to help the men... against the elder's wishes
Umwak and his nephew follow the Ewoks into the maze using special glasses to help them
Unfortunately for Umwak, they are no good outside the cave maze and he slams into every tree...
The Gang finally reach the Valley Of Floating Trees
Wicket and Kneesaa escape, leaving the rest of the gang to untangle themselves. This set of cels are actually two different frames. This one is of Willy
and here is the correct one for Weechee
King Gorneesh thinks he finally has beaten the Ewoks
by destroying their Tree Of Light
But as usual, their own bumbling and Ewok bravery defeats the Duloks
Renewal after the Tree of Light is saved
The valley becomes green once more