The Travelling Jindas

Original airdate: October 5, 1985

Wicket, Kneesaa, Paploo and Teebo peeking in one of Latara's windows. They are asking her to come out, but she is stuck inside doing chores. A frame very close to this one is also used as a Chapter image in the 2004 Ewoks DVD.
King Gorneesh sending his Duloks to find an Ewok "baby sitter" for his younglings
Bondo announces
The Travelling Jindas arrival at the Ewok Village!
Latara decides to run away with the Jindas!
Bondo exclaims to Latara; "Who cares who we perform for?"
The Duloks hitch a ride on the Jinda caravan to try and capture Latara
The Jinda beast of burden, the Awor, barely makes it across the river. The Duloks, however, do not
"Looks like we're performing for... tree goats!"
Latara has had enough of the Jinda life; she asks Bondo to take her home again
The Jindas fight back and chase off the Dulok cowards
Paploo and the gang save Latara
Then, thanks to a magic seed Logray gave Kneesaa
they stop the Duloks
from capturing them!