Rampage Of The Phlogs

Original airdate: September 21, 1985

Baby Nahkee wanders away and finds a Yax to play with, but it's not too playful
Nahkee is kidnapped by Morag, who frames the Ewoks for the evil deed
Munyip tells Teebo that Malani overheard Wicket complaining about her mooning after him and has run away in tears
That tree trunk didn't keep Nahkee from wandering away yet again, this time from his Dulok baby-sitters
Wicket and Teebo find Malani... AND Nahkee
Kneesaa sings a lullabye to escape from some sleepy Duloks that captured them
Some Hummingpeepers that are flying around the Dulok camp
help the Ewoks lure them to sleep
Meanwhile Zut attacks!
The Ewok warriors prepare to defend the Village from the rampaging Phlogs
Hoom also prepares for battle against the Ewoks
while Zut wields his club
and Dobah is decides to throw the rock