The Raich

Original airdate: September 27, 1986

Teebo as Zomba; his costume for the Shadownight Festival
Kneesaa turns down Teebo's invite to join him at the Festival
The "tree" actually lifts Wicket to the top to retrieve the gold cap
The Raich destroys the cap
Kneesaa is trapped!
But her lasso saves her again
Even the Bordoks come under the Raich's spell
If you look closely, behind his escaping birds, Willy can be seen
Chief Chirpa and Logray realize the animals are acting bizarre
"If I didn't know better,
I'd guess that the Raich is back!" Logray muses
"We just have to find the Two-Headed Gonster!"
Hoosha attack!
Preparing to throw more lightning bolts!
After Teebo's glider is destroyed, Latara and he piggyback onto Wicket's
Which is still under a Hoosha attack!
I should really rotate this cel; I guess they did so by 90 degrees to film it
The Raich captures Wicket, Kneesaa and Baga!
The Two-Headed Gonster makes a new magical cap
The new hat is finished
Don't forget the Sparkle Seeds!
Teebo sneaks into the Raich's lair using his Zomba disguise
Kneesaa saves Baga!
The Raich chase
Latara and Teebo find a tree to escape a
Zakool attack!
The Shadownight Festival goes on!