Prow Beaten

Original airdate: November 8, 1986

Chief Chirpa tells Wicket he can help out by preparing his boat for the Festival
(This was the closest frame I could grab)

On their way to disrupt the Ewoks' Fishing Festival, the Duloks test their Battleship
on some Skib's dams
much to their dismay!
Teebo and Wicket carry Chief Chirpas boat down to the river
Wicket and Teebo give Latara and Kneesaa a ride in Chirpa's canoe
and Teebo takes full advantage of being so near to his sweetie
The Duloks steal the Ewoks Festival Prow Carving from the Ewoks... something Logray gave Chirpa for his canoe
The same scene, this time featuring the water cel (which I got separately from the cel above, ironically)