Night Of The Stranger

Original airdate: October 11, 1986

"I sense the Evil tonight." Logray instructs Wicket and Teebo to "stay here and watch the skies"
"If you see anything strange, tell Chief Chirpa"
Umwak the Dulok Shaman doing a dance with Urgah Lady Gorneesh
So hard to make out as a still frame; this tree limb breaks free and scoops Teebo up
Chief Chirpa takes charge

The Stranger gets the Sunstar! (You may recognize this frame from the Second Season opening credits too!)

It uses the stone's magic to set the Village on fire
Shodu puts out one fire to save the Woklings
Teebo's at a loss on what to try next - "Oh kvark! I never get anything right!"
Stranger invasion!
Teebo throws a small Loka Spore into its mouth
and it turns into a Loka-lookalike!
...with fangs, that is
And it flies away, harmless
Teebo's next attempt (throwing his wand) turns another Stranger into a flying rock!
But it is too heavy...
and can't keep airborne!
The Head Stranger who comes through the portal to Endor first
Tackling the Stranger (this was the closest frame I could grab)