Malani The Warrior

Original airdate: December 13, 1986

Wicket offers a snack to his new crush, Charita, a female Ewok warrior
Trud and Bothel get a nasty surprise when Charita throws a 3-headed snake into their hiding spot!
They run away, but will return with a plot to steal the SunStar ShadowStone
To win Wicket's favor, Malanie decides to become a warrior too
Charita saves Malani
from a three-headed snake!
Malani "borrows" the SunStar ShadowStone to show Wicket SHE'S a warrior too
Teebo hopes Malani is not going to pull another "warrior stunt" to impress Wicket; so he has to keep a close watch on his little sister
Trud and his partner Bothel trick Malani to steal the Sunstar for them
Trud throws Malani from the flying log!
But she's not giving up yet
Wicket, Teebo and Kneesaa come to help Malani save the SunStar
while Trud enjoys his mud!
Teebo helps Malani with her punishment and hopes she has learned a lesson to never change herself to impress others