Land Of The Gupins

Original airdate: October 26, 1985

Mring Mring asks the Ewoks to concentrate; to help him transform into a Gupin Bird!
Teebo and Kneesaa
escaping the Reep's nest
Mring Mring, Paploo and Wicket are trapped... until Kneesaa's quick thinking pulls the web back
and releases to throw them free of the giant Reep web
Mring Mring discovers his long lost brother, Oobell
But he is ashamed to admit
he can't fly yet
I thought these two cels were from a single frame
In fact, they are a few frames apart from the same scene
Sucker insects feasting on flowers until the Grass Trekkers arrive, that is
A tiny shot of the Makant, in a Grass Trekker disguise
Grass Trekker attack!
The Grass Trekkers converge on the Gupins
King Punt with key
Teebo climbing in the Grass Trekker lair
Mring Mring and Oobell with Princess Kneesaa
Mring Mring at the gate
to the Gupin stronghold
Closing the gates to keep the invaders from entering the Land of the Gupins
Trying to keep the Grass Trekkers out
Oobell urges Mring Mring
to try the key
King Punt is really a coward
A King about to give up his crown