The Haunted Village

Original airdate: September 14, 1985

Chief Chirpa begins the episode with
a story to the village woklings of
a young Morag the Tulgah Witch
on her Mantigrue
And how she and a young Logray
meet and battle
over the powerful SunStar ShadowStone
I have about 40 cels from this scene - and I have animated most of them for the Sequentials Page.
Note that Logray and Morag are both used in the same frames
Morag and the powerful Sunstar Shadowstone

Young Logray takes the Sunstar half of the Stone to reduce Morag's power

The next morning, Kneesaa calls out "C'mon Wicket! There's more sunberries at the end of the chute!" You may recognize this scene from the opening credits for Season One as well!
Here's where my cel set (cels and original background painting) is... when Kneesaa drops right into the sunberry bushes!
The Mantigrue steals two sunberry bushes
Wicket and Kneesaa are relegated to take the Woklings for a swim while the adults paint the rest of the sunberry bushes with magical soap. Here's my second cel set with Wicket and the original painted background
Master Logray warns Wicket before giving him the bar that causes invisibility. "Now be careful - we are running very low on soap"
The Duloks sneak into the Ewok Village to steal their soap but Umwak finds other mysterious items as well
Morag commands her Mantigrue
to wipe out all the sunberry bushes
The woklings mischief gives Chief Chirpa an idea of what's REALLY happening in the so-called "Haunted Village"
Logray's new soap gives the Duloks just what they deserve; bug-attracting soap!
Which doesn't please Lady Urgah Gorneesh
or the other Duloks who all bathed in it!
The victory celebration begins!
After the trees are saved, Wicket just has one thing to check:"Yep. Invisible sunberries taste just as good as regular ones!"