Curse Of The Jindas

Original airdate: October 19, 1985

On their way to trade surplus, the Ewoks come across their Jinda friends
And the Jindas invite the Ewoks to relax by a waterfall with them
But they part ways, at least for awhile
The Amazing Trebla
fleeing the Cursed Rocks
Latara wants Wicket to buy her a new hat (this is the closest frame I could grab)
Mooth sets up a few "deals" for the Ewoks surplus trade
"We're not here to bargain Mooth, we have strict instructions from the elders"
"That's quite an order here... sure you can pay for all this?"
"Chak! Our wagon is loaded down!"
Mooth whistles to his assistdants to unload the Ewok cart. If you want to see more cels from this scene, check out the Sequentials Page
The Skandits capture the Ewoks
Logray asks Bondo to tell them the story of the Curse of the Jindas so they can help
Logray and Teebo call upon the birds to help
as well as the woodland creatures; to bind the cursed rocks