The Cries Of The Trees

Original airdate: September 17, 1985

The Wistie watches the Ewoks return to the Village after a few moments of play together
Very cool when I realized this black shadow was used to shadow colours! Here is evil Morag, just after she captured Queen Izrina of the Wisties
Queen Izrina of the Wisties is placed under a spell
This was the closest frame I could grab; the Queen turns more Wisties into Fire Wisties
and is sent off to set fire to the forest!
Weechee leads the way to warn the tribe of the forest fire
Kneesaa at the Festival Of Hoods
Logray and Chirpa approach with the Woklings new hoods
at the Festival Of Hoods ceremony
Aunt Bozzie demanding the flames not touch her Soul Tree
"Morag!" Logray exclaims
"That Tulgah hag!"
The Ewoks find out all about Morag's plan to burn the forests down
Logray enlists the help of the Wisties to put the fires out