Battle For The Sunstar

Original airdate: December 6, 1986

Stormtrooper on guard aboard the Star Destroyer
Admiral Kazz doesn't believe there is a magical stone on Endor, but Dr. Raygar has the Emperor's blessing to try to find it anyway
The Admiral is NOT impressed
Dr. Raygar's ship takes off from the Star Destroyer and heads to Endor
PD-28 attempting to feed the Ewok prisoners, only to be thwarted by Dr. Raygar's Droid
PD-28 hiding out during the escape
The Ewoks take the Pod to recover the stolen SunStar
I should flip this cel; once I saw that Teebo is really floating upside down! Apparently space travel does not agree with him
Dr. Raygar's droid attacks the Ewok village
Even the warrior Chirita can't bring him down
Dr. Raygar on the hunt for the Sunstar
Raygar, his droid and an attack on the Village
This set is actually two seperate frames
The closest frame I could grab*. Latara and Teebo after encountering Dr. Raygar
Dr. Raygar prepares to shoot the Ewoks into space!
"Wicket, no!!!!" *
Kneesaa warns Wicket against attacking Dr. Raygar
Dr. Raygar opens fire *
and aims at Wicket
But Wicket's too fast and tries to disarm the villian
and eventually is forced to surrender
Thanks to the power of the Sunstar
Admiral Kazz tells Dr Raygar he will be punished
by The Emperor himself
Kneesaa tries to recall how Latara started the pod
The Ewoks return to Endor in the Escape pod ... blasting away from the Star Destroyer
* Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of the upload quality of the episode. Therefore, some of these images are the closest frame I could grab, due to dropped frames on the source video.