Baga's Rival

Original airdate: November 8, 1986

Baga's not cooperating with the Ewoks to take a bath in the pond
Getting reprimanded by Kneesaa. What a sad face!
The Gang sees a strange but beautiful creature: Silky the Quarf!
Silky, Baga's Rival is showing Baga up.
Poor Baga collapsed under the weight of the basket
Wicket and Baga head out to rescue a kidnapped Kneesaa
"Which way Baga?"
Wicket and Baga finally make their way through the maze and reach Kneesaa and Jadru the Enchantress
Silky reveals his true form and throws Kneesaa off his back
Jadru the Enchantress "No! Someone's controlling my maze!"
Jadru caught in her own trap
"I'll get them!"