Original airdate: November 30, 1985

Wicket and Teebo try to save the Maramu caught in the Dulok's net
When they hear a growl from
"The Red Ghost"
The Red Ghost appears to save the Maramu
Kneesaa overhears the story of The Red Ghost
And it reminds her of her long lost sister with red fur
Wicket and Winda find Kneesaa in her room crying about Asha
Kneesaa and Wicket take her bordok Ropna out in the winter storm to search for Asha
Chukha-Trok helps Wicket and Kneesaa on their journey
Asha and Kneesaa finally meet
Kneesaa and Asha reminisce about their mother, Ra-Lee
"No more Red Ghost chatter!" Gorneesh declares as he traps even more animals
Gorneesh watches Asha release his captives. "You aren't, by any chance, the terrible Red Ghost that raids our traps each season are you?"
King Gorneesh throws a snowball at Chukha-Trok
In the end, the Duloks get what's coming to them
and more
The Duloks try to capture the Maramu mother again
and chase away the Maramu young
Asha releases the animals, but gets caught by the Duloks herself
Wicket and Kneesaa get a lift from a Korrina
Asha says goodbye to her Korrina family
to once again join her old Ewok family