Wicket's Wagon

Original airdate: November 9, 1985

Willy using a leaf to shield himself from the rainstorm
Willy discovers a tablet. Check out the Sequentials Page - here's the scene I have over 60 cels animated!
But dusting it makes him sneeze it clean!
Wicket finds an ancient tablet on an old battlewagon which reveals that it was once the property of his ancestor, Erpham, whose ghost later helps Wicket rebuild it
Mistress Kaink, the Village Legendskeeper tells of the story of Erpham Warrick and the original battlewagon
and how the Duloks tried to chop down the Ewok Soul Tree
Weechee scoffs at Wicket's plan to rebuild the old wagon
Wokling playing on the old battlewagon
Arriving to fix the battlwagon with Baga

Baga looking cute

Wicket unloading Baga's haul
Wicket thought his friends would help rebuild the wagon. "Okay, what do we have to do?" asks Paploo
Unfortunately, the Ewoks think Wicket's despair over the Duloks stealing the battlewagon is a laughing matter
Nearly the same scene; amazing to me that each character has it's own full body cel for these group shots
"I don't think the Duloks are smart enough to figure out how it works" Chirpa reassures Wicket after the Duloks steal it
and he's right; they don't. At first...
Erpham Warrick appears to tell Wicket "you should never apologise for trying hard"
"Look at me. Do you think it was easy for me to build that wagon with all those Ewoks gawking and laughing?"
Erpham's inspiration: "You shouldn't quit once you put your mind to something"
Wicket disguises himself as the Great Murgoob; the old Dulok Shaman
Malani trying to control Baga while rescuing Wicket from the Duloks
Closeup shot of Malani and Baga
Umwak attempts to fire up the Dulok troops. "We've got the machine!"

"We've got the muscle!"

Well, HE doesn't really...

Gorneesh leads the charge atop the Battlewagon
The Dulocks use the battlewagon to destroy an Ewok picnic
The real Murgoob gets his just reward
Ramming the real Murgoob!
The Duloks hit the dust one by one
"Well???" Yells Gorneesh to Umwak, the only remaining Dulok
who reluctantly tries to stop the Ewoks
"No! Not THAT!" Gorneesh wails as Wicket threatens to demolish the wagon himself
Celebrating the defeat of the Duloks
as usual...
Malani surprises Wicket with a rebuilt wagon