To Save Deej

Original airdate: September 28, 1985

The Warrick family is out on a fishing expedition and Willy's first catch eats his fishing pole and sprays water back in his face.
Wicket discovers Mring Mring, a new Gupin friend (and you may recognize this cel from our logo!)
As usual, Willy is having difficulties... he can't seem to climb back out of the pond!
Deej (and Kneesaa) gets a big bite!
The Lantern Bird is sitting on her nest and Wicket's brother Willy is trying to retrieve one of her tail feathers, which Logray needs for a potion to cure Wicket and Willy's father, Deej.
Weechee hanging on a tree branch thanks to Wicket throwing him a rope to help him to safety after his encounter with the Frosch monsters.
A Frosch monster. Sometimes it's near impossible to capture the exact frame - after numerous attempts, this is the closest I could grab.
Speaking of grabbing, that's what the Frosch are trying to do to Weechee, Willy, Wicket and Mring Mring
Escaping up the hill! (I just love Wicket's expression in this cel!)
Willy decides to tell off the Frosch before he high-tails it up the hill
Logray prepares the potion
and pours it over Deej