The Three Lessons

Original airdate: November 16, 1985

Wicket and Kneesaa enter the Keete's hive
"This way!" Wicket says
Keete reveals the secret to climbing the steep hill to Kneesaa and Wicket (sticky feet!)
Keete insect carrying a liquid pearl
that Kneesaa and Wicket need
The Keete Queen
Looks like a fun way to escape the Keete hive
Stranglethorn attack!
Stranglethorn overtaking the Ewok village
Malani takes matters (and a broom) into her own hands
With little effect, really...
The Bobber Bird shows Kneesaa and Wicket how to retrieve the ganga root
But they have to be quick to get one before the greedy bird gobbles them all up!
One large Troom is actually...
The Three Trooms!
This was the closest frame I could grab. Will try to get a better one of the middle Troom 1 frame after this one.
I received these three cels all as a group and thought they were one frame. In fact, each one was from different frames in this scene!
Kneesaa has to tell her father she failed to get all the ingredients for Logray's potion
But he is very proud she has learned the three lessons needed for a great leader
Chief Chirpa and Kneesaa stare as Master Logray tries out the sticky shoes they used to climb the Keete's hive