Sunstar vs Shadowstone

Original airdate: November 2, 1985

Teebo asks Master Logray if he could be his apprentice
Teebo hauling a huge loka-spore up to Master Logray's hut
But it gets away from him!


Teebo's hand entering Logray's hut after losing the Loka spore. The frame here is the one just after the cel frame; it shows that it is indeed Teebo who is entering the hut

Chief Chirpa returning Master Logray's prism pebbles
Surveying the damage the new Apprentice has caused
Chirpa lets Teebo know he has a great teacher in Logray
While he accidentally uses magic to clean up the mess he made
Master Logray's ceremonial wand and bag of prism pebbles
Teebo is caught by Morag's Yuzzum!
Morag appears in Master Logray's magical spinning lantern to tell him she has captured the woklings - bait to lure him, and the Sunstar to her
Master Logray's staff is thrown aside by Morag
The evil Tulgah Witch Morag, as she transforms
into a lava monster
But Logray cools the lava into rock once more
A victorious Logray
reassures Teebo that he is not mad, even though he disobeyed him