The Season Scepter

Original airdate: November 1, 1986

Teebo tries to come to Latara's rescue; only to mess things up even more
Teebo offers his services as a gentleman,
but Latara will have none of it
The minions of the Snow King, the Ice Heads travel on their slippery heads and flip over to stand upright
Odra, the Duchess of Sleet is an Evil Frost Sprite who has frozen the Snow King's heart in a plan to steal the Ewok's Sunstar
"I just love it when they do that." Odra says
The Snow King while under Odra's spell
Wicket, Latara and Teebo arrive at the Sun King's Palace
The Leaf Queen tells the story of how the Snow King and Odra steal the Season Scepter from the Sun King
And they use it to cool down the Sun King
and his friends
The Ice Heads do the Snow King's bidding and use the Scepter to create a blizzard
Before returning to the Snow King's palace
The Flower Queen, the Leaf Queen and the Sun King ask the Ewoks if Master Logray is coming with the Sunstar to melt the Snow King's frozen heart
Latara and Teebo join Wicket in disguise to enter the Snow King's palace
The young Ewoks are commended for a job well done