Party Ewok

Original airdate: December 13, 1986

Latara tries to turn Kneesaa into the perfect party hostess, but she's having a tough time fitting into her "new shoes"
Malani (in the blue hood) with Latara's two siblings: Wiley (grey wokling with brown scarf) and Nippet (light brown wokling with a topknot) in a Wokling parade led by Teebo
This yellow cat-like creature crashes the party
Latara dreams of her Prince Delby (note: this is a different looking character than the real one)
The Pugs arrive on their Trooms
The Pugs leave
The Pugs have kidnapped Kneesaa!
Baga leads the charge to rescue a kidnapped Kneesaa
Kneesaa realizes she just has to be herself
Chirpa with Prince Delby - and Kneesaa, who unfortunately gets cut out of this frame!
Kneesaa bows to the Prince
Prince Delby surprises Kneesaa
by revealing HIS treasured acorn collection
just like hers!