Just My Luck

Original airdate: November 22, 1986

Malani is disappointed in her artistic talent
and cries over her ruined painting
A spiny creature is about to ruin Wicket's Warrior Test - which he is already failing miserably
The Lucksprite Teebo got to help Wicket isn't helping at all... he's the one who bewitches the spiny creature to interfere with Wicket's progress
Wicket's test does not go well; especially when he crashes into the judges stand!
When Wicket fails, he is assigned as a "Bordok Keeper Apprentice"
"You're going to explain everything to Wicket!" Kneesaa has had enough of the bad-luck Lucksprite
The Lucksprite isn't pleased Wicket saved Kneesaa from more bad luck!
Wicket saves Kneesaa from the huge Endor arachnid
Wicket and Baga check out Malani's latest artwork