Hard Sell

Original airdate: October 25, 1986

The Gang are off to Mooth's to see what interesting items the trader has
Another cel I haven't flipped... didn't realize Teebo was upside down in this scene!
"Careful Teebo, we're passing by the Bobog's lair"
Running from Bobog (this was the closest frame I could grab)
Latara races back from getting chased by the Bobog to rescue her scarf
Teebo and Wicket call upon the Kaygles to try and sell them something...
anything! These two cels show the Kaygle in the background... I nearly missed him!
Trying to sell Moog's pickles isn't easy
These two cels came as a set, however, they are actually from two seperate frames
Larry the Shriek, playing up to Teebo's soft heartedness
He does his best to convince the Ewoks to give him the blanket!
And of course, they do
Latara trying to sell shampoo to the Bobog. This was the closest frame I could grab... it panned up from Latara, who is now out of frame