Blue Harvest

Original airdate: November 23, 1985

A Vorshak is released by the Duloks to distract the Ewoks so they can pillage the village
But Master Logray's "love potion" makes him as docile as a puppy
And thanks to Baga,
he cuts off the Duloks - in mid-air
that is
Umwak, the Dulok Shaman disguises himself to trick the Ewoks
A bird was in the tree just prior to this scene To see the bird that left the feathers behind, click HERE.
Escaping the Ewoks after pilfering a potion from Logray
Umwak places Hoona under a love spell by mistake
He thought it was a potion to make her violent against the Ewoks...
So he revises his plan to have her fall for Wicket and do some damage when they kidnap him
The Dulok Shaman helps himself to some Ewok treasures
Hoona and Wicket prepare to outwit the Duloks
Hoona pretending to still be under the love spell