Background Ewoks

This is one of my favorite cels!

Here is the "group shot" of background Ewoks, except not all are actually Ewoks! Take a look at the close up shots below and see how many other beings inhabit the forest moon of Endor. There would be no way to pick these jokes out while watching the cartoon on the TV screen...but I have the proof the animators had a sense of humor (or the monotony of drawing thousands of cels was driving them crazy!)

The "group shot" of background Ewoks...but on further examination, take a look at who else is hidden here! Obviously, the animators had a bit of fun doing this cel...

First group of Ewoks at the far left of the cel. Note the following: a "chicken", a purple guy, someone with a large yellow & pink hat and a clown.

Here are the "Ewoks" found in the center of the cel. Can you find the lion, a green bird, a superhero, the monkey and an Ewok with a banana on his head? (to name but a few).

Here's a close up of the background Ewoks found on the right side of the cel. Can you see R2-D2, C-3PO with pink pants, a green moose, a koala bear and another chicken?